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Zhongtang Group participated in the 133rd Canton Fair

——Careful preparation, spread the world

On April 15, the 133rd Canton Fair opened in Guangzhou, and businessmen from more than 220 countries and regions around the world gathered in Guangzhou. This Canton Fair is the first full resumption of offline exhibition since the epidemic, and the scale has hit a record high.

There is a saying in the foreign trade circle that “a meeting is better than a thousand emails, and a practice is better than a hundred pictures.”

For the Canton Fair, Zhongtang Group conducted a fierce selection within the group, and finally selected four excellent business backbone to go to the “big stage”.

At this exhibition, we met nine customers from Bangladesh, Syria, Turkey and India.

Expanded more than 60 prospective customers from Central Europe, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and other regions.

Zhongtang Group has always adhered to the corporate culture of “creating profits, caring for employees and giving back to society”.and is committed to opening up the global market for Chinese steel and show the resilience and vitality of Chinese foreign trade companies.

The employees who participated in the exhibition unanimously said that they would cherish the good opportunities brought by the foreign trade trading platform as always, invest more enthusiasm, and actively contribute to the foreign trade cause of the country and the company.

Canton Fair as a vane and barometer of China’s foreign trade, through the “China’s first exhibition” Canton Fair this window can be seen, China’s modern industrial system construction is fast and steady, the new development pattern is accelerating the construction, an open flow of China will benefit the world.